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Agency for strategic brand consulting

More than consultants: We are your strategic partner. Through flexibility and efficiency, we offer tailor-made solutions. Our agile team expands with specialists based on projects in order to achieve optimal results. Each project is treated individually to ensure quick adjustments and high quality.

AI strategy

In a world increasingly driven by data and technology, the use of artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in Related Communications. Our AI strategies enable deep insights into market trends, support personalized communication and offer efficient solutions. Find out how we use the potential of artificial intelligence to strengthen your market positioning and pursue innovative paths in brand communication.

We use intelligent analysis tools to precisely record current trends and market conditions. We optimize your positioning, particularly in the areas of real estate and technology, by analyzing the latest developments and market movements. These in-depth insights help us position your brand or project so that it stands out from the competition.

Thanks to AI in data analysis, we develop comprehensive and data-driven strategies. These strategies cover a wide range, from real estate projects to related technology fields, enabling tailored solutions to your specific challenges.

Using AI-supported algorithms, we create targeted and individually tailored communication strategies. These tailored approaches ensure that your messages reach your target groups effectively and generate a stronger response.

Our efficient organizational structure, combined with intelligent solutions, results in high profitability. You benefit from cost-effective but high-quality services tailored to your needs.

Our intelligent tools enable a quick response to market changes and customer feedback. This flexibility allows us to adapt strategies in a timely manner and ensure that your projects are always up to date.

We use AI-powered text generation to create automated reports and analysis. This innovative technology expands our consulting capabilities and offers you additional, valuable insights that can be crucial for the development and implementation of your projects.

Using AI-supported visualization tools, we translate architectural concepts and complex project plans into attractive, easy-to-understand representations. These visualizations facilitate decision-making by presenting complex information in an accessible and visually appealing form.

(Brand) advice

The brand is the heart of every company – it represents values, visions and the connection to the customer. At Related Communications, we understand that a strong brand is more than a logo: it is the living promise to your customers and the key to sustainable success. Let's discover together how we can uniquely position your brand.

Thanks to our expertise in strategic market positioning, we position your brand or project optimally in the market. A thorough analysis of market dynamics and your competitors leads to customized strategies that highlight your unique strengths. Our aim is to give you a clear competitive advantage by positioning your brand so that it stands out from the competition and resonates with your target group.

At Related Communications, we offer a wide range of specialized services aimed at giving your brand a unique voice and presence. Our expertise includes comprehensive brand assessment, interactive workshops to develop your brand identity, strategic positioning for a distinctive brand image, design of a coherent brand architecture and careful maintenance of your brand portfolio. We also offer tailor-made advice on brand and design issues, develop innovative branding and design strategies, create striking brand concepts, establish an effective corporate language and strengthen your employer branding. Our services also extend to the identification of relevant spheres of influence and target groups, the selection of effective touchpoints and multipliers, and the development of a holistic communication strategy in order to optimally position and present your brand.

For us, brands are much more than just logos or slogans. They are carriers of values and messages that play a role in everyday life and influence behavior and opinions. We therefore not only develop a visual identity for your brand, but also create activating content that makes your brand come alive and tangible. Our range of services ranges from corporate design, brand and logo design, to the design of image worlds, to comprehensive content marketing and digital performance marketing. We attach great importance to relevance, differentiation and the simplification of complex content in order to create a distinctive brand experience at all touchpoints.

Communication is at the heart of every successful brand or campaign. We develop tailor-made communication strategies that effectively address your target groups and convey your message clearly. We use a variety of channels and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve maximum reach and engagement. Our goal is to ensure your messages are heard, understood and valued.

We are related2u

Related Communications was founded in 2008 and is based in the lively city of Düsseldorf. We help companies establish new brands, drive brand transformation and promote sustainable growth. Together we develop effective communication solutions for the digital world of today and tomorrow to accompany our customers on their path to demonstrable growth and success. Whenever you need us, we are there for you - because at Related Communications we are related2u.




Agility and efficiency

We rely on flexibility and agility to achieve fast and effective results. Our way of working allows us to react more quickly to market changes and customer needs while at the same time offering an optimized cost structure. Our team is enriched by a diverse network of experts who are precisely tailored to the respective project requirements to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Creative solutions

Our main focus is tailored communication and creative solutions. We use innovative technologies and creative approaches to develop tailor-made solutions that not only stand out on the market, but also achieve measurable results. We pride ourselves on creating close partnerships and developing innovative strategies.

Individual care

Clarity, authenticity and individual support are the cornerstones of how we work at Related Communications. We understand and respect that communication is not an end in itself, but must always move the customer forward. As committed service providers, we are always 100% committed to achieving your goals and always strive for the best solution. We look forward to working together as partners in which your success is the focus.


Strategic advice is a matter of trust. We are aware that our customers value discretion. Therefore, we do not communicate any project details publicly and treat all information with the necessary confidentiality. Your trust is our most valuable asset and we do everything we can to preserve it.


At Related Communications, we leverage our remote working practices to provide you with flexibility and efficiency. Available everywhere, we respond quickly to your requirements. We are ready to support you with strategic advice, sustainable solutions and specialized services. Contact us at any time for a non-binding conversation and discover how we can make your visions come true.